Professional Services Offered at the Wilde Funeral Home



Traditional Funeral

This type of service has been the most popular American funeral service over the last 100 years. The body is embalmed and placed in a casket so that family and friends can view the deceased with dignity. A viewing is usually held directly before the funeral service. After the funeral service, the casketed body is then interred in the cemetery. Studies and experience have shown that the traditional funeral often allows for both healing and closure during the grieving process.   


Traditional Funeral followed by Cremation

Like a traditional service, the body is embalmed and placed in a rental casket. A viewing is held before the funeral service. After the funeral service, instead of being interred like in a traditional service, the body is then cremated. The family of the deceased is then able to either inter or keep the cremated remains at their convenience. This type of service is often more economical when compared to the traditional funeral. 


Direct Cremation with No Services

Direct Cremation is quickly becoming more popular in the U.S. After death, the body is taken directly to the crematory and cremated. No embalming is needed in this process. The family of the deceased is then able to either inter or keep the cremated remains at their convenience. Although this option is the most economical, the lack of closure that this service provides can impede the grieving process.   


Direct Cremation with Memorial Services

Just like the Direct Cremation with No Services, the deceased is cremated directly after death and no embalming is necessary. Memorial services can then take place either with the cremated remains present or not present. If desired, the cremated remains can be taken to their place of burial directly after the service.   


Graveside Service

This type of service can take place with a casketed embalmed body, a sealed casket with an unembalmed body or cremated remains. The remains are taken to the gravesite and a service is held at the gravesite with family. Pennsylvania law requires embalming if the deceased is viewed by the public 24 hours after death.     


Shipment of the Deceased to Another Location

If someone dies in this area while visiting friends or on vacation, we are able to ship the remains back to their hometown, home state or even to another country. If the body is going to be shipped via airplane, the body must be embalmed. It is also possible to have the body cremated here and have the cremated remains shipped.


Receiving of the Deceased from another Location

If someone dies while on vacation in another area, or while living in their winter home, or simply wants to be buried in the Parkesburg area, the deceased body or cremated remains can be shipped either via airplane or hearse to our funeral home. If you have residence or temporary residence in another area or state, once we receive word of your death, we would contact a local funeral home to remove the body and embalm it if need be. Any body being shipped via airplane must be embalmed, while bodies being transported locally, from a local funeral home to our funeral home, don’t necessarily need to be embalmed before they are shipped to our funeral home.